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First time "Transglutaminase" on PubMed
Gordon Research Conference 2009 - Polyamines
Gordon Research Conference 2010 - Transglutaminases
Research teams ... (by Prof. Loredana Mariniello)
4th International Conference on Polyamines, 2016
Amino Acids Special Issue 2017
Research teams ... (by Prof. Enzo Agostinelli)
International Polyamine Foundation
First studies about guinea pig liver transglutaminase's mechanism of action
Geography of WHAT community
People attending the Polyamines GRC, June 25-30,2017
In memoriam: John E. Folk
Geography of WHAT community - no. 2
Research teams ...( by Prof. Simone Beninati)
Geography of WHAT community - no. 3
WORD CLOUDING of TGases and Diseases (1966 - 2016)
Geography of WHAT community - no. 4 (ref. 2019-2020)

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