What's W.H.A.T. and its history

WHAT is the acronymous of Worldwide Happening Around Transglutaminase.

It is a web page where you can discuss, make questions, give answers, communicate, exchange your point-of-view et cetera about the transglutaminases and related fields (e.g. Polyamines, crosslinking, GTP-binding proteins and so on).

Since 1997, WHAT offers its web space to researchers and students interested to be in contact with other people working in this research field.

The web page contains the following sections:

- News, for spreading information from the members of our community this section may contain also technical, methodological, bibliographic or historical information interesting to any transglutaminase worker.

- Available positions in the world concerning TGase (this page has been dismissed)

-Meetings and Conferences (M&C) on transglutaminase or related topics. This is a board with information, preliminary programs and so on about Meetings, Conferences, Workshops, Congresses, Seminars, Courses focused on transglutaminase or related fields. Anybody is kindly encouraged to send such information.

- Reports from Meetings, when organizers or participants send us a scientific or social reports about the main conferences and events related to TGase;

- TGases and diseases, asection to discuss about the involvement of TGases in human pathologies

- G.T.P. is a collection of Graphics from Transglutaminases’ People

- TGase 3D structures, a page to introduce the 3D structure of TGases

- Useful links - This section contains links to web sites interesting to transglutaminase workers. Everyone can suggests news sites to be quoted in this section.

During the years, our no-profit activity has been supported for some period by ESF-PCL program and by CRISCEB (Interdepartmental Center of the Second University of Naples, Italy) for the web hosting.