Ferrara Meeting - Report

7th International Conference on TRANSGLUTAMINASES AND PROTEIN CROSSLINKING REACTIONS - Ferrara, Italy - September 2002

A complete and extensive Scientific Report on the Conference has been published on: Minerva Biotecnologica, vol.14, no. 2, 2002.

Here you can find a photographic gallery of some moments of the Conference.

Please send us other nice pictures if you want to share them with other Whaters.

Ferrara during the Conference:
Photo 1 (195Kb), Photo 2 (204Kb), Photo 3 (190Kb)

The Academic Ceremony and the Lorand Laszlo's Lecture:
Photo 4 (183Kb), Photo 5 (197Kb), Photo 6 (187Kb), Photo 7 (189Kb), Photo 8 (618Kb)

The Laki-Lorand Picture:
Photo 9 (63Kb)

People attending the Conference:
Photo 10 (192Kb), Photo 11 (213Kb), Photo 12 (193Kb), Photo 13 (18Kb, small), Photo 14 (2075Kb, large),

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