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6th International Conference on Polyamines: Biochemical, Physiological and Clinical Perspectives

September 4th - 9th, 2022
Sapienza University of Rome & Tivoli - Rome, Italy

Here you can find a Photographic Report of the scientific community attending the conference.

Transglutaminases in Medicine - Debrecen University - August 3-6, 2017

The abstract book can be downloaded here

Reports from the past BIC Conferences

In the past edition, in 2014, the 8th BIC Conference was held in Bari, the Apulia region of Italy, and was attended by over 300 delegates from all continents (75% International guests!). 80 abstracts were accepted and published in the Abstract Book.

Report from the 4th International Conference on Polyamines: Biochemical, Physiological and Clinical Perspectives Tivoli - Rome, Italy, September 4th to 9th, 2016.

Photographic Report from the 14th International Congress Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins - Transglutaminases - 6th August, 2015, Vienna, Austria.

Photographic Report from the meeting "Polyamines: Biological and Clinical Perspectives" September 2-7, 2012, Istanbul, Turkey.

Photographic Report from the GRC Conference "Transglutaminases In Human Disease Processes" July 18-23, 2010 - Davidson College, Davidson, NC, USA

Photo Report of Location

Polyamines - Gordon Research Conference, Waterville Valley Resort. June 19-24, 2011.

Group Photo sent by Prof. Enzo Agostinelli.

Annual Meeting on Biogenic Amines 11-14 May 2009 Bertinoro, Italy

Programme, Report, and Photos

Gordon Research Conference Polyamine 2009

Click here to see a wonderful and accurate Scientific and Photographic Report, prepared for us by Prof. Donatella Serafini Fracassini, describing the recent Gordon Research Conference Polyamine 2009 (Waterville Valley, NH, USA).

14th Euroconference on apoptosis

Click on the link to find the report of the conference: Cell Death and Differention (2007) 14, 1555-1557.

13th Euroconference on apoptosis

A Meeting Report has been published in Cell Death and Differentiation (2006), 13, 1242-1244.For a link to the web page, please click here.

8th International Conference on Protein Crosslinking and Transglutaminase (PCL8) September 1-4, 2005, Lubeck, Germany
A scientific report from Prof. Laslo Fesus is available here.
A photo gallery is available at the web site of the organizers: click here!

Programmed cell death across kingdoms - similarities and differences

Bertinoro (Forli) -Italy, May 9th-11th 2004.

In this page you can download a document with information about the participants and their talks, and some pictures from the conference.

7th International Conference on TRANSGLUTAMINASES AND PROTEIN CROSSLINKING REACTIONS - Ferrara, Italy - September 2002

A complete and extensive Scientific Report on the Conference has been published on: Minerva Biotecnologica, vol.14, no. 2, 2002.

A photographic gallery of some moments of the Conference is available here.

Please send us other nice pictures if you want to share them with other Whaters.

Workshop on "Transglutaminases, Protein Cross-Linking and Coeliac Disease" - Tampere, Finland - September 2001

Dr. Carlo Bergamini was so kind to write for us a short Report from the Tampere Workshop on "Transglutaminases, Protein Cross-Linking and Coeliac Disease", just to inform the WHATers which were not able to attend such Conference about the News in the Transglutaminase field.

Many thanks, Carlo, from WHAT and all the WHATERS.

Click here to read the Report.

6th International Conference on Transglutaminase and Protein Cross-Linking Reactions - Lyon, France - September 2000

News & Reports from the 6th International Conference on Transglutaminase and Protein Cross-Linking Reactions (Lyon - France, September 16-19, 2000)